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AcousTex Fabrics are used on the Custom Soundbars of Samsung The Frame TV by Leon Speakers

Acoustical Panels in a Home Theater Setting

A Gallery of Acoustical Panels

In residential applications, acoustical

panels offer a decorative enhancement

that is also essential in minimizing the

echo and ambient noise inherent in the

contemporary ‘loft’ and other ‘high ceiling’

interior environments.

In this educational/institutional application,

the acoustical panels reduce echo and

ambient noise so often associated with

long runs of expansive hard surfaces, and

they offer a decorative touch when viewed

as a ‘defined space’.

In this auditorium

application the

panels offer critical

acoustical treatment,

essential for the

integrity of the audio


In larger institutional spaces, such as

athletic facilities, even a modest

application of acoustical, sound

treatment, panels can noticeably

reduce the reverberation of public

address systems and crowd noise;

resulting in a spectator experience of

being ‘closer to the action’.


In office and commercial applications

acoustical panels are especially useful in

‘atrium’ environments where large, open,

glass enclosed hard surface designs are

ubiquitous. Ambient noises and disruptive

sounds (elevators, lounge/lobby based

food/bar services) are significantly reduced

with these aesthetic, decorative techniques